Alex e-Book Reader Hit?s The e-book Stores and Kindles.

If you think Alex e-Book reader is just a standard e-book reader then you’re totally wrong. Alex e-Book reader gives you easy access to more than a million books from e-Book vendors today to read online or download to build your personal offline library.

The Alex e-Book reader expands enriches and personalizes your reading experience anywhere you go. Alex is giving birth to a new industry of multimedia publishing and delivering new opportunities to authors by enabling readers to use their Alex e-Reader to explore the Web through hyperlinks embedded in online books.

Alex e-Book reader is designed for the future, Alex grows with you. More books, more media, more applications! Alex’s versatile open Google Android operating system and responsive on-screen keyboard let you use popular applications like Gmail right away. Twitter with friends. Start an online book club on Facebook.


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