The Black Pearl HD3 Complication Watch.

If you had watched the movie pirates of the Caribbean’s then the name of the ship is not a mystery any more the black pearl.

This H3 Black Pearl watch does bring back memories from the movie but it has more than it offers from it’s design we can say that is it’s transparent and really killer workman ship. The H3 Watch has unique design and lot’s of pirates trade marks on it as we can say that they rule the ocean but this H3 Watch does rules the land.

The H3 Complication Black Pearl edition features an intricate design that lets you see all of the inner workings parts of the watch as the hours, minutes and days at sea pass you by.

The vertically-oriented numbers on the left side may look like the wheel from TPIR’s Showcase Showdown to you, but it actually tells you the current hour. The wheel in the middle that looks like a ship’s engine control shows the minutes.


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